Mayur Deshpandey

Mayur Deshpande

ACE, ACSM, DSW Certified

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100 Yoga Videos
350 Strength Videos
A to Z List of Dietary Supplements
A to Z list of Dietary Supplements
200 Stretching Images
200 stretching images
 Fitness And Wt Loss Articles
Fitness and wt loss articles
Our Fitness Services
Our fitness services
 Fitness quote- People who don't have time to exercise, will have to take out time for bed rest.

"FitnessSmith is a brainchild of mayur deshpande,who understands that a successful fitness offering is not a one time, it is a lifestyle."With its 10 yrs of rich experience, FitnessSmith understands unique needs of individuals and fitness centers.". We provide various fitness services like Personal Fitness Training, Fitness Center or Gym Set Up and Management, Online Fitness Consultation, Fitness Training Certification, Fitness Lectures and Workshops in Mumbai and India."

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