Mayur Deshpande
  Personal trainer in Mumbai
Fitness Services Qualification

Online Personal Trainer & Fitness Consultant in India

Fitnesssmith offersonline personal fitness trainer and consultation in India.Mayur Deshpande is a USA certified online personal trainer with 15 years of rich experience in fitness. If you cannot hire a good fitness guidance,I am here to help you to achieve your fitness goalswith all the convenience of time and training in your own home, gym, or other personal space.

Online personal training program will be customized according to the information based on your daily routine, medical history, diet and personal fitness goals. After thorough analysis of your requirement I shall come up with a diet and a fitness plan. With online fitness program I will be providing you diet tips, fitness consultation and motivation to help you get the desired body.

More specifically, you’ll be learning from someone who has rich experience and high academic/fitness qualification.

  1. Body toning exercise - 3 months
  2. Weight loss exercise - 3 months
  3. Athlete/sports program
  4. Weight gain - 6 months
  5. Contest preparation
  1. Skype
  2. videos tutorials
  3. Whatsup
  4. Gtalk
  5. Mobile Communication
  • You fill out contact us form
  • We ask submit your details like medical history, goal, current schedule
  • Once payment made, we prescribe diet, supplement guidance and training exercise
  • Keeping the communication through skype, whatsapp and call for support, progress tracking and guidance.

Should you wish to have an online fitness consultation with myself please fill out the contact form with your contact details and outlining what time frame suits you best along with a brief overview of what you would like to discuss

  1. Stay on track when traveling!
  2. Choose your coaching environment!
  3. Choose your training timings
  4. Fits into busy schedules!
  5. No travel time!
Online Certified Training in Mumbai, India