Mayur Deshpande
  Personal trainer in Mumbai

Personal Trainer in Mumbai

Mayur Deshpande/Fitnesssmith is USA ACSM & ACE certified Personal trainer who delivers individualized personal fitness training in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. As the name stands FitnessSmith means who develop and create fitness in you as a lifestyle. FitnessSmith is brain child of Mayur Deshpande who believes to plan hard not only on fitness goals but maintenance of fitness goal as well. With 15 yrs of personal training experience and USA certifications, I assure you to offer the best fitness training which will help you achieve fitness goals like fat loss, toning, weight gain etc as a lifestyle.

Personal training from FitnessSmith will include the following training exercises

  1. Weight training exercise
  2. Assisted Stretching exercise
  3. Yoga workout
  4. Floor exercise (body weight)
  5. Boxing
  6. Functional training (Trx,Kettlebells,Bulgarian bag, Battleropes,Bosu ball)

  • Certified “Lifestyle and weight management consultant” from AMERICA
  • Certified “Health and fitness instructor” from AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPORTS MEDICINE.
  • Certified “Personal trainer” from AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE”
  • Certified “Sports supplement counselor” from BFY FITNESS INSTITUTE,INDIA
  • Certified “Personal trainer” from TALWALKAR FITNESS ACADEMY INDIA.
  • Completed certified yoga course from AMBIKA YOG KUTIR INDIA.
  • Certified course in “Kinetic anatomy“by Desert Southwest Fitness, USA.
  • Certified course in “Motivating people to be physically active“ by Desert Southwest Fitness, USA.
  • Certified course in “The essence of dumbbell training“by Desert Southwest Fitness,USA.

  • Expert Supervision - FitnessSmith attend to you exclusively and teaches you how to exercise with safety and effective techniques.
  • Support and Motivation on Every Set - Motivation is key to all Fitness program, it is all about exceeding your limits and going to another level.
  • Set New Challenges- Designing personal fitness plan after studying your medical history, goals, time availability, lifestyle, nutrition, and stress.
  • Sport Specific Athletes -A personal trainer can assist you in gaining sports specific training that includes agility, balance, stamina, co-ordination, and strength.
  • Rehabilitation Patients - We work with your healthcare provider to develop a safe exercise curriculum to strengthen weak areas, increase range of motion, and improve quality of life while on your road to recovery.
  • Progress Monitoring –It is done by fitness testing, verbal feedback and written feedback.
FitnessSmith will not just help you to achieve your desired fitness goal but also to maintain it and take fitness as a lifestyle.
Personal Training in Mumbai by Mayur Deshpande