Mayur Deshpande
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Personal Trainer in Mumbai

USA (ACSM & ACE) certified Personal trainer MAYUR deshpande delivers individualized fitness/personal training in MUMBAI, Thane and Navi Mumbai. As the name stands FitnessSmith means who develop ,create fitness in you as a lifestyle. FitnessSmith is brain child of Mayur Deshpande who knows to convey fitness as a lifestyle.

My Training skills are

  1. Weight training
  2. Stretching exercises
  3. Yoga
  4. Floor exercise
  5. Boxing
  6. Functional training (Trx,Kettlebells,Bulgarian bag, Battleropes,Bosu ball)

  • Certified “Lifestyle and weight management consultant” from AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE.
  • Certified “Health and fitness instructor” from AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPORTS MEDICINE.
  • Certified “Personal trainer” from AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE”
  • Certified “Sports supplement counselor” from BFY FITNESS INSTITUTE, INDIA
  • Certified “Personal trainer” from TALWALKAR FITNESS ACADEMY INDIA.
  • Completed certified yoga course from AMBIKA YOG KUTIR INDIA.
  • Certified course in “Kinetic anatomy“by Desert Southwest Fitness, USA.
  • Certified course in “Motivating people to be physically active“ by Desert Southwest Fitness, USA.
  • Certified course in “The essence of dumbbell training“by Desert Southwest Fitness, USA.

  • Expert Supervision - FitnessSmith attend to you exclusively and teaches you how to exercise with safety and effective techniques.
  • Support and Motivation on Every Set - Motivation is key to all Fitness, it is all about exceeding your limits and going to another level.
  • Set New Challenges - Design after studying your medical history, goals, time availability, lifestyle, nutrition, and stress.
  • Sport Specific Athletes - A personal trainer can assist you in gaining sports specific training that includes agility, balance, stamina, co-ordination, and strength.
  • Rehabilitation Patients - We work with your healthcare provider to develop a safe Exercise Curriculum to strengthen weak areas, increase range of motion, and improve Quality of life while on your road to recovery.
  • Progress Monitoring – It is done by fitness testing, verbal feedback and written feedback.
Personal Training in Mumbai by Mayur Deshpande